Principal of Early Years & Primary

Ibu Julie started her educational career in 1996. She has years of experiences working with national and international schools in Indonesia and abroad. She has had the opportunities to teach and develop curriculum for young learners, teenagers, as well as professionals.

Ibu Julie began to serve in Sekolah Cita Buana in the year of 2000. She started as Teachering Assistant in the Learning Center of Special Needs Department (now: Special Education Department). From then on, her career path at Sekolah Cita Buana was varied:  as Learning Support Coordinator, Grade 5 Class Teacher, Student Activity Coordinator for Middle-High School and Principal for Middle School.

Later in her career, Ibu Julie’s passion in educational field become greater and deeper. She took part in the establishment of development of schools, became an active trainer and education consultant for various schools around Indonesia. Ibu Julie also had the opportunity to lead a school in Bandung area as well as conducted a speech and drama class in a school in Singapore.

In 2011, Ibu Julie returned to Sekolah Cita Buana and her passion has brought her to what she is now:  Principal for Early Years and Primary. Aside from all her tight schedule, Ibu Julie always has her door opened for students, parents and faculty for she believes that good communication is a bridge to success.

At the moment, Ibu Julie is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Educational she feels it is her responsibility to upgrade her education as a person an educator and a leader.

Working from the heart with a contented mind has always been Ibu Julie’s favorite quote, which motivates her to give her all to the students of Sekolah Cita Buana and its faculty. To the students of Sekolah Cita Buana, Ibu Julie always encourages them to use their learning time as their best time to achieve their full potential. To the enthuasistic faculty of Sekolah Cita Buana, Ibu Julie is very proud to have such dedicated and motivated educators on board. Last, but certainly not least, to all parents as Stake Holders of Sekolah Cita Buana, Ibu Julie would like to extend her appreciation for their tremendous support for the school.

Principal MS-HS

Mrs. Dewi D. Lukitasari, better known as “Ibu Dewi” is the Principal of the Middle and High School of Sekolah Cita Buana (SCB). She has over 16 years of valuable experience in the field of international education and 7 years of experience in the multinational corporates. She started her career as a Teacher in 1989 and became a Principal and/or Head of School since 2010.  She has been a passionate and caring teacher, as well as a firm result-oriented administrator with a steady vision. Her rich exposure to the WACC, Cambridge and IB curriculums has empowered her with diverse and innovative approaches as an academic leader. She believes and always promotes the fact that education is a life-long learning process. She is also a strong believer in “Shaping a Vision of Academic Success for All Students” which involves all stakeholders in School.

In her role as Principal, she has expertise in curriculum design, educational technology, assessment and evaluation, pedagogies based on the theory of multiple intelligences, learning styles, student centered and interactive learning, as well as professional development for teachers. As an educator, she demonstrated a track record of Fostering Student Learning and guided students through an educational program that is academically rigorous, challenging and exciting.

Ibu Dewi is very proud to be part of the team of Sekolah Cita Buana which enables her to work together with other staff members in creating a positive and rewarding experience for our students. The SCB faculty members believe that teaching above and beyond the standards will help to build well-rounded students who will be prepared and ready to face a higher level education. Other than that, the academic team, counselors and other support staff are available at all times to assist in supporting and enriching the school experience of our beloved students.

As part of the School’s Vision and Mission, it is essential that SCB students are exposed to the variety of beliefs, cultures and traditions. Only through this diversity will make each individual respect one another and will later allow them to acquire the ability to manage diversity in constructive ways. Students are also encouraged to take part in various programs in addition to the regular school activities such as student organizations, clubs, sports, etc. that will not only allow them to explore, but also to achieve their full potential in various fields in an increasingly competitive global community.

Head of Special Education

Ibu Tasya has worked with our special needs children for more than a decade.  First as a teacher, then as a coordinator for the Learning Center and now as Head of the Department. She believes that all special needs children can be challenged, so they can reach their potential.  “Our goal is to equip our students with the life skills they need.  It helps that our children can mix with students from the main school. It gives them much needed confidence”, said Ibu Tasya.  Ibu Tasya has a Psychology Degree from the University of Indonesia and has attended numerous educational workshops and seminars.

General Manager

Ibu Retna Setyawati is the head of Human Resources and General Affairs Manager of Sekolah Cita Buana. She graduated from Management Faculty of the University of Trisakti, in Jakarta. During her senior year in college, Retna worked as a part time assistant at PT. S. Widjojo. After that, she moved to PT Bapindo Loka Sentra Leasing (BLS) as an Assistant Manager for Business Development and Risk Analysis. Having a strong passion for human development, she spent most of her career as Office Personnel and GA Manager who also had special responsibility for Credit Management, Corporate Legal, General Affairs and Marketing at PT Clemont Finance Indonesia & PT Clemont Securities Indonesia, a Korean multi-finance and securities company and PT International Design Consultant. After 12 years of service managing all human resources and administration functions, she decided to dedicate herself to work as HRD & GA Manager at Sekolah Cita Buana in 2008. Her constant and focused enthusiasms for careful recruitment, retainment processes, effective communication, good collaboration and leadership, have motivated her to pursue Graduate Program at UKI in Education Management.

She hopes with better understanding in Education Management and Education system, she can bring more positive and collaborative work environment, where all team members are effective, empowered and sustainable.

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