Greetings from The Chairperson

Sekolah Cita Buana has undertaken a long journey with all the accomplishments and challenges it has faced. SCB was established in 1995 in South Jakarta with only 7 students. The school was opened when a group of parents and educators gathered to find alternative options for education that were available in Jakarta at that time. The sole purpose was to create a new schooling system that allows children to grow to their full potential, to have awareness of the environment and learn about Indonesian cultures and at the same time able to think globally and be bilingual in both Indonesian and English. Therefore, SCB applies two curriculums simultaneously, the Indonesian national curriculum enriched with international curriculums.

Since 2001, SCB has seen 150 students graduate, who have since carried on to higher education, mostly abroad such as in Australia, the UK, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and some choose to continue their education in states and private universities here in Indonesia.

SCB has grown through this 20 year journey in midst of competition with similar schools up to this point. The success of SCB is being able to grow exponentially from year to year is a positive result that is marked with the significant increase of students under our care which has reached 540 students. Not to mention SCB graduates that are spread out in universities all around the world including several named universities in Indonesia in which serves as an indicator for the competitive educational quality of SCB.

Alas, all the success and accomplishments will not be with us if it  not for the three pillars of education, parents, students and teachers that have collaborated and have worked with each other for the goals that we all dream of. And with that, we realize that the SCB is the result of a learning process from the previous SCB that has helped us grow exponentially to be a learning school.

SCB literally means “ideal world” and it is our hope that all of our students will go on to contribute to the betterment of mankind.

Ibu Ismana Haryono



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